Remember the Sabbath Day..

by tylernielsen

The idea of idleness scares me. From an early age, my dad impressed upon my brother and me that sitting still was only supposed to occur in dire circumstances…like sickness. Or when you absolutely have to wait for an appointment. He was a man hardly at rest himself – there was always a project, a job, an adventure. Looking back, I love the gift of a strong work ethic that he gave me. However, as I enter into the second quarter of my senior year of college, I see a blur behind me.

Over the course of the past three and a half years, I seem to have lost all site of the notion of a Sabbath. So rarely is there nothing on my agenda that I’ve forgotten what life without an appointment book is like. Granted, the years have been productive. There’s no denying that. But what I wonder is this…have a wandered so far from rest that I don’t know how anymore?

Nearly every day, I take quiet time to be before God. To pray. To read. To listen. But rarely do I devote the entire day that He requires (as listed in the fourth commandment). Never is there a day where I do not work at all. Every single moment (it seems), I’m striving. For what?

This is the thought that has stuck with me – how am I supposed to live in community and honor the Lord if time is not devoted to simply being? Simply being His daughter. Simply listening. Simply standing in adoration. Simply breathing and resting. Without slowing can that be accomplished?