by tylernielsen

It has been a whirlwind of a weekend. Rather, a whirlwind of a semester. This weekend alone was comprised of work, travel, a wedding, more travel, church, and more work (not to mention homework…). But that’s not out of the ordinary. I find it hard to remember a day where there wasn’t something…where the only thing on the agenda was nothing.

Over the summer, I was on a mission trip to Ukraine. Not long after I returned, I began to have intense headaches – along with a strange assortment of other symptoms. Three months later, there is still no explanation. Although many doctors have been thorough – some have even come up with the “perfect” answer – we still cannot explain my symptoms.

As a Type 1 Diabetic, I’ve become well accustomed to doctors, hospitals, tests, and shots. Not much surprises me in the healthcare field. At least when there’s answers. When there isn’t…that’s a different story. In fact, it’s been a rather desperate search for anything that might make me feel even the slightest bit better. So far, though, no such luck. Most of the medicines have made things worse. Many have wrought havoc on my blood sugars.

While the web continues to become more and more tangled, as I’ve become exhausted, I’ve struggled to understand what God’s intentions are. What His plans may be. Why there isn’t some type of explanation. In His great mercy, He answered me. Yesterday morning, I sat down to do devotions..and discovered how precious His handiwork is…

In Isaiah 18, it appears that the whole world is set to battle God’s people. Yet what is the response of the Almighty One? “I will take My rest, and I will look from My dwelling place” (v.4). His stillness may appear to have been an acceptance of the conspiracy against them. But it wasn’t. God’s response was His reminder that He acts in His timing—at just the right time according to His will.

I think of Jesus waiting 4 days while Lazarus lay in the grave (John 11:39). Was He unaware? Did He not care? Of course He cared! He was waiting for the right time to act and to teach the lessons He wanted to teach.

The Bible records God’s “delays,” many of which seem at the time to be inexplicable from our point of view. Yet every delay flows from the depths of His wisdom and love. If nothing else, delay, if we accept it, can produce the quieter virtues—humility, patience, endurance, and persistence—qualities that are often the last to be learned.

Are you in distress? Does the Lord seem distant and detached? He is not indifferent to your plight, nor is He unmoved by your pleas. He is waiting while His purposes are achieved. Then, at the right moment, He will intercede. God is never in a hurry, but He is always on time.