Biowhat? Healing, huh?

by tylernielsen

As I’ve been in and out of the doctor’s office, I’ve heard countless opinions on how to treat pain. From narcotics to muscle relaxants to injections, the doctors have tried most everything, putting me in the position of guinea pig. 

The narcotics made me loopy (big surprise) – there’s a couple good stories there; one including a quick trip down a flight of stairs. The muscle relaxants slowed my heart down (I already have low blood pressure and a slow heart rate) – hello, black outs. And the injections made me nauseous. Boy, those are fun side effects! 

So this time the doctors are taking an alternative approach. Yesterday morning, I awoke to my alarm blaring at 4:15 (yes, 4:15 a.m.). Out the door by 4:45 and to the cities by 7:45. Not only was my body in pain (as is typical these days), but I was exhausted beyond belief. The specialty team was comprised of four different doctors that collaborate to develop an individualized treatment plan. Over the course of three and a half hours, I talked to each clinician and answered extensive questions. By the end, many recommendations were made. Two of the primary therapies suggested were biofeedback and healing touch. Biowhat? Whose feedback? Healing Touch? Touching who? Who’s touching me?

So…I’ve begun to explore the options. There’s studying that back both methods. The FDA approves. My parents? They’re skeptical. Me? I may be desperate enough to be curious. And although curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought him back. 

I prefer satisfaction.