Thin Spots

by tylernielsen

No..not the places where your hair is thinning out…

A good friend of mine has this theory: that our lives are so busy that in order to actually find rest – much less hear from God – we must come to the end of ourselves. To do that, we must find ourselves in a place where the mundane sounds are a symphony. And the symphony must not be interrupted by the squeaking of our voices. Or the radio. Or other people. Or the television. It’s places like this that he calls thin spots.

For him, the best place is when he’s hauling sugar beets during harvest. No radio frequencies come in on the semi’s system. There’s hardly any cell service. And it’s a four hour drive to get the beets where they belong.

Personally, I love to drive. As a busybody, driving keeps me in one place for more than half an hour. Especially in the busy seasons of my life (and I tend to make every season busy), I can barely stand to listen to any music or radio. So the radio’s off and the only sounds are tires on the pavement, wind, and my heart. And as each mile passes, I’m able to calm and quiet the racing of my heart (Psalm 131:2). My anxious thoughts are tested (Psalm 139:23). And I am comforted (Psalm 34:18).

Where is your heart stilled? Where does your spirit find rest? Seek out a thin spot…