Alternative Thanksgiving

by tylernielsen

This Thanksgiving, my family will be celebrating a little differently. I love to cook. We all love to eat. And who ever said that the holiday meal has to be followed by a food coma? Cheers to good food (that’s good for you) and greater time with family.

We all have obligations/other family gatherings to attend on Thursday. But Friday, we will gather for a late lunch, early dinner. The menu will include; Mussel & Shallot Stuffing, Butternut Squash and Apple Soup, and Stone Fruit Dessert. Though delectable, the recipes are not complicated. Nor are they loaded with fat and calories…

Instead, we’ll load our afternoon with conversation and games, family photos and fun times.

In general, we’ve become a society obsessed with food and the “high” it gives us. Rather than focusing on the things it gives us – strength to love, live, and learn – we focus on the effects it has on us. This holiday, I pray God is glorified less in excess and more in joy.