by tylernielsen

Back in August, my best friend asked if I would be able to sew her a case for her knitting and crocheting needles. I said, “Why, of course!” After having her choose the fabric and materials, I thought that the project would be quick and simple. Well, it was. But with a full class load, a full-time work schedule, and extra curricular activities (not to mention homework, exercise, and daily living…oh, and a small social life), I found that time to complete the task was elusive.

After nearly four months, the project is finally complete! And, it really was short and sweet.

I estimate that the entire thing took about two hours. However, this was spread out between two days. Essentially, there are ten different pockets of varying sizes. The case wraps up and ties for easy transportation. I added backing to the inside fabric to strengthen the outside layer. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out! Now to begin the Christmas projects…